How To Get More Sex From Your Wife

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Marriage is a wonderful thing. A loving couple choose to share the rest of their lives together in perfect and intimate harmony.

For women, the day of their wedding is the best day of their lives. But for many men, the day of their wedding is the start of the downhill struggle of their sex life.

The problem with marriage is that it leads to complacency in the bedroom. This usually affects men worse than women because we men tend to be more sexually active (blame it on all that testosterone!)

For whatever reason, many married women begin to lose interest in sex and that means you, the husband, get less sex. Which is not good.

So how can you get more sex from your wife?

The answer is simple.

By pleasuring her. I mentioned complacency earlier on: I wasn't referring to women. I was referring to men who get complacent in their sexual patterns. They forget that they have to work hard to please their wife, and they begin to concentrate more on themselves.

As a result, their wives stop enjoying sex so much and lose interest. To regain her interest, you have to take her back to the days when you both enjoyed every second of sex like it was your last, and when you both went wild to try and please each other.

In short, if you give her the best night of her life, she'll return the favour and go back to her wildcat "up for anything" youth.

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How To Last Longer In Bed

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Let's face it, we all want to have ultimate control over how long we last in bed.

To be able to decide down to the second when you relax and allow yourself to enjoy your orgasm would be great. Even better is knowing that you can maintain the pace of your sex session without fear of finishing early.

Luckily for us guys, this is something you can learn to do. It's not something that some people are born with and others aren't, it's a skill they've picked up somewhere. And now it's your turn.

There are 2 aspects to lasting longer in bed: mental and physical.

The mental side of things is perhaps the hardest to overcome. You have to make sure you're not too excited about what's going to happen in bed. If you get too worked up it becomes harder to control the physical side of things.

A good trick is to focus your attention on her, rather than on yourself. Change your mindset so you're all about pleasuring her, and not achieving your own orgasm.

The hardest mental technique is to concentrate your thoughts on something "unsexy" during critical moments of the sex. Imagine long lost relatives, or childhood pets, or that time at school when you were bullied or when your Mom told you off.

On the physical side you can train yourself to last longer through sheer practice and determination, or you can use numbing gels and sprays, or condoms with numbing lubricant applied. These de-sensitize your penis so you don't get overstimulated too quickly.

Another great physical approach is to take short breaks during sex to either spend some time pleasuring her, or just kissing, or switch positions slowly. Plus, some positions are better than others - generally the ones you enjoy the least are best for going longer.

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How To Give Her The Best Orgasm Of Her Life

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The female orgasm is a complex and mysterious thing. But once you master the technique of taking your girl to the edge of ecstasy and back again, she'll be yours forever.

Here's how to give her the best orgasm of her life:

#1. Make sure she's comfortable, relaxed and feels good.

Pay her lots of compliments - tell her how gorgeous she looks, how great she smells, and how wonderful she tastes. Start the compliments way in advance of the actual event, and make her feel special, sexy and loved.

#2. Tease her.

Don't just dive right in to the good stuff, take your time. You have to play with her mind before you can play with her body. Tease her during the day, drop subtle and suggestive hints about what you want to do later, give her a passionate kiss and pull away early and so on. Work her up to a state where she can't think about anything except sex.
#3. Excite her, push her boundaries and thrill her.

Basically, do whatever she wants. We all have deep inner desires. Maybe she wants to be spanked, or have her hair pulled. Maybe she wants to lie on a bed of roses and have honey poured all over her. Maybe she wants to risk doing it outdoors or in public. Whatever she wants, make sure you're doing it.
#4. Keep things new and fresh.

Sex should never get predictable, or else it becomes boring and stale. You should be constantly learning and educating yourself to pick up new techniques to use in the bedroom. Keep surprising her and keep her guessing, and she'll love you for it.

#5. Combine multiple sensations and stimulations.

Don't just stick to one stimulation. You've got fingers, hands, lips, a tongue and of course the rest of your body. She has many erogenous zones besides the obvious 3, so make sure you've delivering pleasure from all angles to provide maximum impact and the ultimate orgasm.

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